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These Are Good Theories: The Failure of the God Hypothesis
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Post Re: These Are Good Theories: The Failure of MATRIX simulatio

these are good theories The Failure of MATRIX simulation Pseudo-science :



Wed May 17, 2017 12:10 am
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Post Re: These Are Good Theories: The Failure of the God Hypothes
"Hence the first intelligent organic life in the Universe should be around 5 billion years back."

Which is for all practical purposes a five billion year head start on us humans. In that time they, or any other intelligence aliens that came to be during that time frame, would have been able to colonise the galaxy dozens of times over. So where is everybody?

"If the Earth was seeded, it would have been around 3.5 billion years back when the Earth was sufficiently cool and bombardment of asteroids had stopped. Hence there is a time duration of 1.5 billion years available for the Gacruxian civilization to build a spaceship and AI to send life to the newly formed Solar system to seed the Earth/Mars."

Even 1.5 billion years is way, way, way more time than is necessary to colonise the galaxy. The question is, what would motivate E.T. to seed life on suitable planets, like Earth roughly one billion years after its formation? Why seed the planet (and then just move on) when you could just move in and colonise the planet yourself? Clearly there's no evidence that an advanced E.T. civilisation existed on Earth billions of years ago.

"Of course their civilization is long dead since their star transformed into a red giant."

The logic doesn't follow since they could have migrated out to other stellar systems or, and perhaps more likely as not, constructed a Dyson Sphere around their parent star to make total use of the star's remaining energy. Or, they could live in giant colony 'ships' in whatever orbital distance from their now red giant star would be a Goldilocks distance. That's actually an excellent strategy since you can keep on adjusting your orbital distance as a function of the parent star's changing energy output. In fact you could have a Dyson Sphere worth of giant colony 'ships' surrounding the parent star. Such a scenario could support a population thousands of times over what a planetary surface could.

Wed May 17, 2017 8:15 am
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